Dji osmo pocket 2 Accessories: Upgrade Your Own pocket V-Log Camera

DJI Do-It-All Handle

Stretch your small camera to get Additional firmness

Contained in the bundle but also available separately, the Do-It-All Manage is really just a handle extension that is about making the Pocket two easier to utilize. Indoors it's an invisible module for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity together with a radio microphone receiver, however, additionally, there are some bodily features for extra flexibility for example a 3.5millimeter audio jack plus a 1/4-inch ribbon for attaching the Pocket two to a tripod or even perhaps a selfie pole, along with an outside speaker. It replenishes and expands, the present base of Pocket. Its wireless module inserts into the Pocket two's worldwide adaptor, replacing the smartphone adaptor. That is a tiny faff.

DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter

The DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter lets you send supreme quality sound into some DJI Pocket that's built with a Do-It-All Manage. The streamlined transmitter readily clips clothing with the clamp onto the backside. It sports an integrated mic with an omnidirectional pickup pattern that catches sounds, even if microphone positioning is not as ideal. As the microphone can be placed entirely on your own subject, speech and voice are listed together with clarity, intelligibility, and consistency.

Effortless to install and use, the Wireless Microphone Transmitter instantly connects together with all the Do-It-All Handle by pressing on the button. When shooting outside, take advantage to use the comprised furry windscreen to secure the microphone from undesirable end noise.

DJI Pocket two Wide-angle Lens

Have more in the framework

Appropriate for: Dji osmo pocket 2| Dimensions: 28x13x10mm | Weight: 2.1gram

Perfect to get vlogging Increases area of opinion 110º Default 93º will probably be fine for many usage small and easy to eliminate

In addition to a bigger speaker and sensor, the Pocket two comes with a larger field of view in relation to the initial Osmo Pocket. Therefore imagine if you wish to go much wider? An uncommon accessory which upgrades both DJI cameras and comprised from the DJI Pocket two Creator Combo -- that both the DJI Pocket two wide-angle Lens escalates the identical focal point to 15mm, increasing the subject of opinion for that Pocket two into 1 10 ° and to its Osmo Pocket into 90°. Measuring 18x15x7mm and weighing only 3.3gram, it attaches and certainly will be closely kept from the Pocket two Cover.

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